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What is the difference between Molead Seating composite foaming technology and the traditional foam bonding process?
Composite foaming technology is designed to realize one-shot molding with foam material and other materials like EPP. Without changing the shape of foam, it can improve the comfort and energy absorbing ability during crash of it.
Advantages of the composite foaming technology compared to the traditional foam bonding process:
1. The composite foaming technology breakthroughs the limitation of traditional multi-density process.
2. According to the change of product shape, different softness in a certain area can be achieved, and the efficiency is higher than the traditional multi-density process.
3. Without the processes of glue brushing and modification, both efficiency and environmental protection performance are improved.
Why the slow rebound foam of Molead seating can improve seating comfort?
The slow rebound sponge has the advantages of memorable, high damping and good absorption:
1. Low hardness: The hardness of slow rebound foam is less than 50% of that of normal high resilience foam, and its softness is obviously improved.
2. Good support and good pressure distribution ability: It's ergonomically designed to improve the support to lumbar and the distribution of the pressure to the hip of passengers.
3. High damping and good absorption: Vibration and pressure to the body is absorbed and the body pressure is distributed evenly on the bumpy road. Slow rebound foam is pressed down by human body and the air inside is released slowly. The foam won't rebound strongly but when the pressure is removed, it can return to its original shape. 
When the seat itself or the vehicle body is tilted, the seat belt gets stuck. Does this mean the seat belt broken?
This is normal phenomenon of the safety belt sensor. All the safety belts of our seats have this sensor which triggered when the vehicle or the seat tilts in the horizontal direction and the safety belts will be stuck to avoid passengers being thrown out of the vehicle.
What's the working air pressure of Molead air suspension seats?
The working air pressure of Molead air suspension seats is 0.8 - 1.0 Mpa.
How to disassemble the seat cushion of Molead air suspension seats?
Adjust the seat cushion to the very front. There are two 9mm diameter holes under the right side of the seat cushion. Insert 30--40mm with a screwdriver from the second hole where you can touch a small steel panel. Use your left hand to lift the steel panel with screwdriver and grab the seat cushion depth adjustment button with your right hand to push the cushion up.
How can I cooperate with Molead seating?
Both distribution business and direct sales business are supported by us. You can distribute our product the third party end users or use them directly on your vehicles.
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