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Launching Ceremony for Production Practice

At 08:30 on March 27, 2019, the Yutong seating business unit held a launching ceremony for production practice. Through this activity, 97 employees from functional departments and management teams officially started the manufacturing practical stage. After 6 hours with 3 activity stages including program planning, theoretical training, and practical learning exercises, the team members have earned the internship ability to learn further in the production line.
2 production practical training per month for each team member was followed by the activity with training assessments, competition and rewards. Products quality and efficiency were stressed during the activity and finding out more methods to improve the product quality, production efficiency and employee professional ability were encouraged.
                                                                       Activity plan announced                                                                                                        General manager Mr. Wu encouring employees

                                                            Employees signing to promise                                                                                                            Production pratical trainning
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